• Bean to Bar chocolate begins with quality cacao

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The Craft

The Journey

Bean to Bar | Crafted in small batches

Fine dark chocolates, like fine wine, are a product of time and tender loving care. Only the finest, perfectly fermented cacao beans, sourced from select plantations, make the unhurried journey from bean to bar or bob bon. Every Pascati creation is a combination of craftsmanship and flavours that ranges from classic, contemporary to the delightfully exotic.

...typical satisfaction of fine chocolate

" Well, here you can enjoy the fantasy of yourself being surrounded all over by fresh pieces of mango. The flavour is THAT authentic and inebriating! The dark chocolate doesn't interfere one bit with the fruitiness. It's delicious ally in support of the flavour of mango while delivering the typical satisfaction of fine chocolate."

Sharon Terenzi, @thechocolatejournalist

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Raising the Bar

We are excited about creating dark chocolates as you are about having them. Which is why, globally accepted stringent quality standards are set for every bean and ingredient that goes into a Pascati chocolate. In our endeavour to use organic ingredients and commitment to sustainable sourcing, we have our practices certified to become India's first USDA Organic & Fairtrade compliant chocolate.

Manufacturing Unit

Pascati Foods India LLP

Gut No. 329/9 Hamrapur, Wada, Palghar, Maharashtra 421303


+91 810 843 8800 

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