Indian Craft Chocolate Festival 2022

A congregation of craft chocolate makers and farmers to showcase their confections in BIC, Bangalore.

If you'd asked me back in 2014; when I started to make chocolate in my bedroom as an experiment, are you sure there is a market for bean to bar chocolate in India?.. I would have thought hard and said, I'm not sure. But today, in 2022, I can most certainly say the market is there and appreciation/acceptance from conscious minded people is growing by the day.

It was great to see that chocolate makers interact with each other, sharing feedback and picking each others brain. There were also a few conference sessions where a chocolate enthusiast, based on their area of interest, could book a slot and get to know more from their favourite brand.

I did a talk on the science of chocolate making. A sold out event. 25 people got to know the science behind our bean to bar process and the nuances of making craft chocolate. 

There were several other talks by various chocolate makers talking about tree to bar chocolate, cheese and chocolate pairing & so much more. We had collaborated with Araku coffee where they served an espresso with a flavoured piece of chocolate. It caught on like wild fire.


In a space which is growing, I was overwhelmed to see so many young chocolate makers walking up to us and appreciating the knowledge we imparted or cited us as one of the brands they look up to when they first started off.

The future seems bright for the craft chocolate and can't wait to see what the next few years hold for the industry. 



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