Luck, an enigmatic force we often seek to comprehend, yet seldom understand fully.

Luck, an enigmatic force we often seek to comprehend, yet seldom understand fully. Some attribute their successes to it, while others brush it off as mere coincidence. However, as I went down the unpredictable terrain of entrepreneurship, I came to appreciate the role luck plays in shaping our destinies.

I’d read a quote in college which stuck with me.

Luck happens at the crossroads of opportunity and preparedness. I didn’t grasp it until I understood what it meant recently in my journey.

At Pascati, we’ve been crafting quality chocolate since 2015 from bean to bar. First started as an experiment in my bedroom, quickly turned into a small workshop in Daman. As we grew, we moved to a larger facility in 2019 at Palghar, MH, equipped with better machinery.

Before Pascati, I was working in the hospitality space with Taj Hotels. At the core, it was drilled from day one to focus on a quality product and service. If both were done right the business would take care of itself.

After 8 years of consistently practicing the nuances of craft chocolate, the process now has become like muscle memory. Like any gourmet food brand we exhibited at space in south Mumbai last year in February. The space manager who happened to be present at the event, introduced us to her spouse (who works at Dharmatic Entertainment).

We connected the following week and as fate would have it, Pascati was selected to be a part of Koffee with Karan’s hamper in Season 8. The confections were loved by the executive team and Karan as well.

For any aspiring or budding entrepreneur I feel it’s imperative to focus on being prepared. Get your product/service right. Of course, improvements will always be made as you progress.

If you’re only good at spotting or creating opportunities, your lack of preparedness will likely NOT make you “Lucky”. 🚀

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