Recipe: Chilli Rose Chocolate Fudge

Christmas inspired recipe, made with local ingredients of Eastern India



Here's how you make this delicious fudge:

- Cut big chunks of any Pascati Bar, I used 70 % dark. Highly recommend that.
- Cut real small pieces of 1 fresh red chilli/ green chilli (1 is good enough for 1 bar), keep some fresh/ dried rose petals aside.
- Heat the chunks and roll the petals and chilli along with 2.5 tbsp condensed milk. Please ensure the process is done smoothly and quickly as the chocolate starts to cool off and cannot be melted again.
- Put the mixture in a flat tray lined with parchment paper and dress up with more rose petals/ edible flowers.
- Refrigerate for 3 hours, cut the fudge into thin strips and enjoy the wholesome fudge.

Original Recipe by @crazyfeetkavya
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