Recipe: Organic Spiced Hot Cocoa

Christmas inspired recipe, made with local ingredients of Eastern India.



Here's how you make this delicious beverage.

- Take 3 tbsp Pascati organic cacao powder in a mug .
- Take 2 tbsp milk / lukewarm water and make a thick paste.
- Make the spice mix: I used star anise and long black pepper grown in Eastern India, you can take ordinary black pepper, cloves, and my favourite cinnamon. (40 gm mix is good enough to make a great cup)
PRO TIP : Store this mix, so that you do not have to hassle every time.
- Add the spice mix to the paste and top it all up with warm milk and give a gentle stir.
- Enjoy your decadent hot Cocoa with a nice movie or a great read!

Original Recipe by @crazyfeetkavya
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