Single Origin & all that Jazz

Single origin chocolate, as the name implies, broadly translates to chocolate made from cacao beans which are sourced from a particular "origin". When a chocolate maker makes a "single origin" bar they are trying to highlight the terrior (more on that in blogs to come) of that region, inclusions such as nuts/spices or fruits are usually not present.

Cocoa % is mentioned on the package to inform the consumer the darkness/intensity one may expect. Generally speaking most single origin bars are dark at 70% or above, however, there have been exceptions.

If a single origin bar has more sugar & less cocoa % (let's say 60% cocoa) then chances of the flavour profile of the cacao beans shining through are less as the sugar would overpower/hinder the beautiful flavour profile cacao has to offer.

Like wine in France, there are different levels a chocolate maker can label their single origin bar. For example, if cacao beans are sourced from India (blend of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka) one can label as India Single Origin. If one is using beans exclusively from a state, one can label it as Kerala, India Single Origin.. From a region in that state, one can label as Idukki, Kerala, India Single Origin. And if one is sourcing exclusively from an estate you can label it to be specific. Sourcing from a single estate is hard, as the volumes can be limited in India.

Pascati works with farmers and co-ops from Idukki & Malabar region in Kerala. Hence our single origin chocolate bars reflects the region's name.



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